Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whitby, Ontario Gaming Facility Comment

My comments below  re: A gaming facility in Durham Region to create jobs and bring prosperity to the region.


Dear Sirs,
I don't belief government should ever get into the gambling business! But since the Ontario government is into the gambling business and therefore we are in a race to the bottom there can be no objections to making money, or can there be? 

Since I am a senior on fixed income, I should concur being a rational economic man, as, presumably, my taxes will not rise quite as fast if we have a "private gaming" facility?

Hopefully, Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, has figured out a way that the social costs of gambling are worth it and that after all the books are balanced there is a positive cash flow except for the ruined lives and hopes of the partners of the addicts and of course we should not worry about the children who may go hungry and or the the dogs that will be locked up in cars for hours.

So - sure go for it!  You will anyhow!

Good old mother earth will soon put an end to the whole thing anyway as we pollute the air, the water soil and have killed the buffalo herds, the caribou herds, the whales, the cod, the herring, the whitefish in the Great lakes, etc. and not least of all - our moral compass.

What is one more transgression between friends.

Peter Deppisch

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