Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you have a wife?

On a bright sunny day I had driven some 200 km to pick up my daughter from camp where she was a camp councillor.   As usual I had taken my dog along and as we were close to our destination he spied water. 
I was driving a car that had a sunroof  and I just managed to grab his tail as he headed out through the sunroof.  Just let's say that he loved the water.  So I stopped at the closest access point to the water and played "retrieve the stick" game.
Eventually it was time to pick up my daughter and drive home.  As we are driving back the dog throws up - combination of hot day, lots of water, but who knows. What a mess!  What a stench! 
Luckily there was a major grocery store 5 minutes away and I stopped and had my daughter go into the store to buy lots and lots of  paper towel to clean up the mess. 
In the meantime I am trying to clean up as best as I could and I am joined by a small boy, I am bat at guessing ages but let's say 10 or so.  

He watches my effort at clean up and then asks: "Do you have a wife?" 

I am stunned and look at him and mostly what goes through my mind is.  What's it to ya, little fella?

And then it dawns on on me that he is serious.  I contemplate my answer and say: "Yes, I have a wife and why do you ask" in a rather challenging tone of voice.

And his answer was? "You should get her to clean it up!"

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